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Adam: Preface
It isnt done yet. but this is what I have of the preface so far......   

By: Ashley Hannan

One hand gently supported the back of her head. His large rough fingers were tangled in the blonde tresses that were matted and coated with blood. Her left eye was so swollen she was barely able to open it anymore. The left eye was pink and bloodshot, surrounded by deep purple and black bruises, and the crosshatching of the butt of a gun was imprinted in the skin above her right temple. Her eyelashes fluttered and tears began to well up in her ice blue eyes as the pain began to overwhelm her.
“It’s going to be okay baby; I’m going to get you to a doctor. It’s going to be okay,” he consoled her.
He slipped one arm beneath her legs and pulled her in close to his chest as he lifted her off of the concrete floor. A small groan of pain escaped between her two busted, bloody lips as he did.
“Easy, easy baby,” he said carrying her out of the small, cramped room. The room was in the far corner of the dimly lit, dingy basement of the large warehouse. The stench of mold mingled with the rusty scent of the blood drying on her skin.
He stepped over three lifeless bodies that lay limp on the floor. The henchmen had attempted to keep him from getting to her. The fight began the moment he reached the bottom of the stairs and lasted until the third goon was unconscious on the floor.
He carried her up the stairs and out the front door of the old warehouse. His car was parked out of sight just beyond the tree line.
He placed her gently in the back seat and wrapped his jacket around her. Quickly he got into the car, turned the ignition, and took off back toward the town.


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